Max Power Adventures is all about a quirky little guy who’s despearte to become a hero by proving that he is capable of rescuing the kidnapped princess.

Max Power Adventures starts of with a humorous conversation between the characters about how they are going to explain to the user (you) how they are going to become super heroes. In fact, the game in general has a humorous touch to all the conversations between the characters, which makes it very entertaining to follow and read through the corny jokes and comments. Max Power Adventures at its core is a role playing game where you take on the role of Max, who is convinced that he will become a hero. With Max, you will learn how to battle enemies, use skills and weapons and advance through the game levels. I wouldn’t say the game is particularly fast-paced which makes it easy to follow but can be somewhat slow or boring for individuals who don’t like reading speech bubbles. Although the bubbles make the game more entertaining with all the jokes from the characters, they can be frustrating to reading at times. When playing Max Power Adventures, you’ll have the opportunity to teach Max new skills and hopefully rescue the princess.

Overall, I thought the game was very well done with the exception of the graphics. What I found was that the characters were well illustrated an their emotions were quite genuine, but interface, backgrounds, and game elements really lacked in terms of graphics. Max Power Adventures has some serious potential to be an epic RPG, but graphics for a game like this are absolutely a must. Despite this, Max Power Adventures is still fun and entertain but can me infinitely better with improved visuals.

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  1. KevinL says:

    Really had fun with this game! The story is simply crazy, I don’t think Ive ever laughed this much playing my iphone. And I think all rpg fans will love the fights and the gameplay. Really worth it!

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