Is remembering phone numbers a nightmare? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to memorize your credit card numbers? Let Memorize-iDi guide you through a very easy-to-master process that will make that happen for you. Didn’t think that was possible for you? It is now – with Memorize-iDi.

Memorize-iDi is the first of its kind. Its an app that trains you a very specific technique for memorizing long strings of numbers such as credit card numbers, pin codes as well as common dates and the like. Even if you have terrible memory and remembering what you had for breakfast this morning is a major struggle, Memorize-iDi can be used to remember even the most complex numbers. The trick lies in association. To be more specific, Memorize-iDi guides you through a series of steps that will help you associate number 1 to 9 with their corresponding consonant letters. For example, 4 is represented with a an “r” and “x”. A 0 is “s” and “z”. The app also employs nifty animations that make remembering the association much easier then it may seem. After you mastered the association (it takes less then 30 minutes to get to know it relatively well), you can move on to forming words. The app will take of that part for you as well. For example, the number 5 is represented with “L” and “LL”. The word that would be associated with 5 would therefore be “oil”. Why? Because you only count the consonant letters. In this case, there is only one – “L”. Memorize-iDi will actually show it as “oiL”, capitalizing the associated letters. More complex numbers like 32 are represented by words like “MooN” where “M” is 3 and “N” is 2. Its actually a very clever method that works brilliantly. The method and its implementation can be mastered in less then an hour, however, to perfect your skills, it may take a little more practise.

I would say that Memorize-iDi is absolutely a must for everyone. In today’s world, memory plays a huge part in our lives and a lot of people can use some memory practise – that’s for sure. In terms of application design, layout and usability, it is also brilliant. It looks great and does exactly what its supposed to. More importantly, it makes the actual learning process easier. I highly recommend Memorize-iDi to everyone seeking to improve not only their memory but to acquire an entirely new, unique and highly effective skill set that can last a lifetime. Wouldn’t you say its worth $3 bucks?

Check out Memorize-iDi for iPhone on the App Store!

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