Forex trading. Its best somewhere other then your iPhone, but sometimes it would be nice to have the option and monitor what’s really going on in there. That’s where MetaTrader 5 comes in. Take forex and other financial market trading with you, wherever you go.

MetaTrader 5 brings one of the more popular forex trading platforms to the iPhone. You can do several things on the go, like live quotes that update every second or two, trading history, useful charts and much more. When you first launch the app, you’ll find that you will need to login with your account credentials in order to access your account – very self explanatory. Once in, however, you’ll have tons of options to choose from in terms where you can go and what information you can explore. Flip between quotes, charts, trade, history and settings conveniently via the tabs at the bottom of the screen. Looking at the chart, you can also easily adjust the time period simply by selecting from the top menu or just using the intuitive pinch to zoom in and out gestures. MetaTrader 5 also lets you browse your trade information like profit, balance, equity, margin level % and margin. There are also a variety of settings that you can use to customize your experience with MetaTrader 5.

Overall, I find that MetaTrader 5 is slightly confusing to use and can be a little intimidating to a novice iPhone user or non-tech-savvy individual. Although the information is there, not all of it can fit into the iPhone interface so the desktop platform is still your best bet. It is nice to have an iPhone alternative, however. If you’re into trading and don’t mind a little exploring on the iPhone go ahead and check out MetaTrader 5 for free on the App Store.

Check out MetaTrader 5 for iPhone on the App Store!

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