Interesting name, interesting application. If you’ve ever had to make a decision between several choice and uncertainty set it right away, this app might be for you – the indecisive.

Mmmh… is a one-of-kind, universal decision-making tool and calculator. Essentially what it does is crate an Excel-style spreadsheet where you can enter vital decision making information, label the importance of each criteria in percent (for example: luxury is 100% but comfort is 150%) on which your decision is being made, and then assign the score to each possible decision. The app will then automatically “weigh” each score proportionally to its importance and display the weighted-average for each decision. This weighted-average is basically what will help you make your decision. The higher the final score, the more likely it will be a better choice. Now, this may sound extremely confusing in theory, but in practise it is really straight-forward. Let’s look at an example.

Perhaps you’re going on vacation and your choices are Mexico, Jamaica, and Cuba. There are several criteria on which your decision is going to rely on. Let’s say weather 100%, price 150% and for simplicity’s sake, fun factor 200%. For each criteria, the three destination will receive a score. Just to make it simply we’re going to say that Mexico will receive an 8 for all three criteria, Jamaica will be 6 and Cuba will be 5. I’m a little biased so bear with me. Since Mexico scored the highest in all three, it will be definite choice. Obviously in your case the scores will vary depending on the choices, which will make things a lot more helpful, but that’s the general idea. So if you’re looking to make a tough decision, run it by Mmmh… and see what result you get.

Check out Mmmh… for iPhone on the App Store!

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