The best way to summarize this game is a great big, 3D cube of intensity. Not only will it keep you on your toes, but it plays, feels and looks phenomenal! Monster Cube is definitely one of the better games out there.

With Monster Cube, right off the bat you’ll notice the graphics. From the very first second your finger finds its way to the Monster Cube description page, to the time you start playing the game, you will certainly notice the quality of the graphics. They are extremely well done. But its not just the graphics that make the game, its the music, gameplay and sound effects that really add the cherry on top. As a result, Monster Cube is stacked with cherries. So how do you play this game, you might be wondering. Good question. Its very easy. When you tap the start button to play the game, you’ll find a big cube comprised of little monsters, almost like a “monster” rubics cube, except it doesn’t rotate or cause headaches. The idea is to tap to select a monstes, which is technically a small cube, and move him to join his buddies. Once you unite 3 or more of the same kind of monsters, they will disappear. The cube as a while can also be rotated in 3D, which is actually really cool and allows for some epic gameplay. The goal is to clear the cube in under 60 seconds. If you’re good enough to do that, you’ll be presented with another cube, which you will also attempt to break.

All in all, the game is very easy to play, looks amazing, has awesome funky music and is just an overall blast to play. The best part of all this is that its free! A full version is available as an in-app purchase so you have plenty of opportunity to test drive the game before spending any money on it. Even if you decide to stick with the free version, I guarantee that you’ll have a blast playing it regardless.

Check out Monster Cube for iPhone on the App Store!

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