Slicing and dicing and chopping. Sounds like fun. Normally that would be referring to Fruit Ninja but now there’s a new, exciting and arguably better alternative called Monster of Puppets.

With amazing graphics, 3D animations, and realistic physics, Monster of Puppets makes for a rockin’ game. The point of it is very straightforward and is highly reminiscent of Fruit Ninja where you slice fruit like a ninja. Except here, instead of slicing fruit, you slice puppets. Monster of puppets. But fruits don’t fight back, puppets do. Some puppets will attack you if you don’t get rid of them quickly enough. Watch out, because you can easily die if your slicing finger isn’t agile enough. If slicing doesn’t cut it for you though, and I know that’s many of you, the store offers a variety of guns as well. Just tap to shoot. So now you’re slicing away and shooting when the times get a little rough. Along the way you can also purchase more helper items like traps and such. Purchasing happens with in-game coins, although you can spend real money to purchase more coins.

Overall, Monster of Puppets of is just brilliant. Just the in-app store is a master piece of design and the entire app follows very closely behind it. You’ll never think to yourself “Yeah, I wish this looked a little better.” because it already does. So with amazing graphics, virtually infinite gameplay and realistic physics of bouncing puppets, you simply can’t go wrong with Monster of Puppets. Its a free game too which is just mind blowing, so grab your iOS device, hop on over to the App Store and do yourself a favour and download Monster of Puppets.

Check out Monster of Puppets for iOS on the App Store!

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