If you’re into intergalactic fun, building bases, constructing complex buildings that do a variety of geeky things, you might want to check out Moonbase for iPhone.

Moonbase for iPhone is not a unique concept. In fact, awesome games like it have been around for some time. Galaxy Empire, which I actually reviewed not all that long ago, is one of the main competitors. Nevertheless, Moonbase does have some differences that set it apart. Lets begin with the idea of the game. The goal here, is to build your colony, empire or whatever else you’d like to call it. The end result is the same – a chunk of land with some impressive structures, a large military force consisting of various aircraft and the desire to destroy someone else far far away. Sound good? So anyway, to get to this final result, you’re going to need to start building, mining and making some resources in order to survive and keep thriving. This is done by constructing buildings, managing resources and making your fleet of vicious machinery.

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Like I mentioned, this isn’t a new concept but I like the interface layout and the smoothness of scrolling and other navigation. What I think could really use some improvement is the actual graphics. Retina optimization has been a standard for some time now and its hard to expect anything less. Another thing that can really benefit new players is a guide or tutorial where they learn how to build the basic structures, what the resources allow you to do and how to make more. All in all, Moonbase is a good start but can really use some improvements down the road in order to compete on the same level as Galaxy Empire and the like.

Check out Moonbase for iPhone on the App Store!

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