If you’re on the market for a GPS system, or perhaps you’re exploring an iOS alternative, you may be looking at a significant amount of money. But have you thought about spending a dollar? Because with MotionX, all the goodies of a GPS are available to you for merely a buck.

MotionX GPS Drive is a complete and fully-functional GPS system and some. Everything that you would expect from a normal standalone GPS is here in your phone with MotionX GPS Drive. Got somewhere to go? Just pull up the search or drag the map flag to your destination and you’re off. The great thing about MotionX GPS Drive search is that it also includes local wikipedia. All those local places are somewhere in the wiki database. With a tap of a button you can have a look at all the nearby places, their brief description and even photo. MotionX GPS Drive also offers quick shortcuts to common searches like parking, airports, coffee, etc. Feel free to browse by category as well. The navigation is also quite smooth. I should mention, however, that voice navigation is only free for the first month trial period. But the bright side is that one yearly subscription is just 10 bucks. That will give a year’s worth of voice navigation with crystal clear voice guidance. None of those silly computerized-sounding people either.

With MotionX GPS Drive you can also play music as you drive right from your phone. If use an auxiliary input in your car, then you can play you music straight from your phone and pause for directions. This is great because a lot of the time GPS and music is separate, and if the volume is too loud, its easy to miss where you’re going. But thats not a problem with MotionX GPS Drive. There are also cool nifty features like the compass, and current location information that tells you your current GPS coordinates, altitude, speed, address, etc. One final feature that is very important in these “Apple Map times” is that MotionX GPS Drive uses Bing maps. Despite being more or less ignored for Google Maps, Bing Maps actually have some of the most accurate information and in a navigation app, that couldn’t be more important. Overall, MotionX GPS Drive was a great experience and for the price of half a coffee, you simply can’t go wrong. MotionX GPS Drive is simply a must have for anyone with a car or legs.

Check out MotionX GPS Drive for iOS on the App Store!

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