Are you just learning piano, or any other musical instrument and just can’t help but wonder how on earth you’re going to learn to read music? Well, don’t worry, because there’s an app for that too.

Music Man is a creative and fun way to learn music notes on the staff, whether you’re learning bass or treble clef. Essentially, your job in this game is to guess the notes that show up on the screen before they disappear. As you do so, eventually the note position becomes imprinted in your brain and reading music becomes a breeze. But it takes practice. And a lot of it. Even with this app its not as easy as you might think. If you’re a beginner, you might struggle initially because the notes appear and disappear pretty quickly, and before you know it, its game over. But if you haven’t learned this in music already, Music Man man has helpful guides for remembering notes on the staff, like FACE and Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. So if you’re just learning, this may be a helpful resource to have by your side.

What’s cool about Music Man man is that theres three different way to practice “note guessing”. You can use the on-screen buttons to select the notes or you can a real instrument and play the notes as they come up. Just make sure your guitar is in standard tuning and is, in fact, in tune. Alternatively, the third method is to use your voice. Although this is technically the “musical instrument” method, I wanted to separate it as it is not for everyone. If you can’t sing, hopefully you know it. If you’re not sure, please do everyone around you a favour and ask someone who isn’t afraid of telling you the truth.

Anyway, If you’re learning music, Music Man is definitely the perfect utility for learning notes and reading music. Its simple, doesn’t look so wonderful but it does exactly what its supposed to and thats what matters here. The only thing that I would like to suggest for future updates is the ability to control the speed at which the notes slide out at and disappear. I think it would make a little bit more noobie-friendly. Other then that, its just fine.

Check out Music Man for iOS on the App Store!

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3 Responses to Music Man for iOS – App Review

  1. Ben Saldes says:

    5 stars! I reccomend this app.

  2. Jim Kelly says:

    I love this app….helps me learn note.

    • glenda fitsimones says:

      I love it also. In addition to learning notes,it can become a competition. The app keeps track of how many notes you get right without missing one. You can make a game of it to see who gets the most. Very fun.

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