If you’re a mother or a father and happen to love iOS devices, Natural Tots is a must-have app for your baby or toddler to help language learning and cognitive development.

Natural Tots is a very simple and easy-to-use application for your kids. Just launch it and give it to your child to play. They will have to swipe back and forth on the screen to reveal cool pictures of nature’s finest creations like mountains, birds and flowers. After each image is revealed, a narrator will speak a simple sentence about that particular image and the next one will be shown. There is a decent collection of images but its not something that you could look through all day. Your kid will likely polish off all the images in a matter of minutes but the cool visual reveal effects are still very cool to play around with.

Overall, there’s really nothing wrong with application and its definitely a great one to have in your pocket if you have kids. Good news is that theres actually tons more application of the same kind from One Monk Clapping, the developer responsible for Natural Tots. These feature more explorable images of scenery, flowers and birds. So if you enjoy Natural Tots, give a few of them a whirl because you’re likely going to find them just as appealing.

Check out Natural Tots for iOS on the App Store!

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