By now, if you work with documents and PDF files, the ownership of several decent iPhone PDF scanners knows no price. So it isn’t very difficult to wonder if there are any PDF scanners for the iPad because perhaps you don’t own an iPhone.

At this point in time, the best camera on an iPad is on the iPad 3, and even it, isn’t all that fancy compared to the iPhone 4S. The only reason that I can think of at the moment for anyone to choose an iPad PDF scanner app is simply because they don’t own an iPhone. Although virtually all iPhone PDF scanner apps will work on the iPad, it is understandable that you’re looking for a native iPad application experience. Aren’t we all. Thats where PDF Connoisseur comes in. Packed with a multitude of features, it is likely to satisfy everyone’s taste for complexity. There are so many features that you are better off reading the App Store description yourself. However, I will point out several things that you may want to know before purchasing.

First, I must say that I absolutely love the selection feature. When you take a picture via the built-in camera, generally cropping the image is necessary to achieve a clean PDF look. PDF Connoisseur makes this extremely easy by adding draggable pins at each of the four corners that are not directly positioned over the corner. The biggest pain that you run into while using the common PDF scanners is that precise selection is extremely difficult when your finger is positioned exactly where you need to see. And since your finger is extremely unlikely to be transparent, selecting an image with precision is a nightmare. PDF Connoisseur solves that problem entirely.

However, there are several downsides. The interfaces is extremely confusing and everything but intuitive. After cropping your image, you would be forgiven for thinking that the “save” button will crop the image and save it, or at least preview that crop before saving. Unfortunately that’s not the case, even though the pop-up message suggests that your progress has been saved! Turns out, you must press the process button, which will first crop the image. There are 5 million pixels in the image, so it can be expected that the cropped image would be at least the original size, minus the cropped area. But again, that’s not the case and the final result is borderline illegible. There are several other minor details in interface design and layout that can use improvement, but in terms of functionality, the crop is one of the most important features of a PDF scanner. Granted, PDF Connoisseur isn’t ONLY a PDF scanner and does several other features relatively well. But at $10, I expect a complete product that can be considered a professional in all of its areas, rather then only a few. With several improvements, PDF Connoisseur has some real potential and I am looking forward to future updates.

Check out PDF Connoisseur for iPad on the App Store!

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