The iPad has had a huge impact on education and how it is made available to children across the globe. One of those ways is educational books and interactive games that give kids an opportunity to learn hands-on. Perky Pranksters is a perfect way to attack kids’ education from all angles.

Perky Pranksters is all about having fun. It is an iPad app that is made in a form of interactive book that cab be either read by you, the parent, or narrated by a professional pre-recorded narrator who is very good by the way. The book follows a story of three kid friendly characters and their interactions with each other. The stories and context is educational and is tailored for easy learning. Not only can your kids enjoy the story and learn all the way through, but they can also interact with the characters and items on the page, which can further enhance their perception of the various items and concepts on the page.

Perky Pranksters is also a great game. Aside from the book portion of the app, Perky Pranksters has a variety of interactive games that are based on the three characters in the story. You kids can hit the colouring books or play a dress-up game where they dress the characters in a variety of outfits. Theres also a variety of other games that I will let you discover for yourself when you download the app.

All in all, Perky Pranksters is an awesome way for your kids to enjoy time on the iPad. Instead of introducing them to brainless action games and garbage apps, take an educational approach and get yourself Perky Pranksters. The graphics are phenomenal, the interface is easy to use and navigate and the app in general has a very professional and complete feel to it, unlike many other very simplistic kid’s games. Just because a game is made for a child, doesn’t mean it should look like it was made by one, and Perky Pranksters has done an excellent job. If you have kids, you must check it out.

Check out Perky Pranksters for iPad on the App Store!

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