If you’re a multi-pet owner, and I don’t mean if own a dog and maybe a cat, I mean, if own several high-maintenance invertebrates or other pets with similar care requirements, then you might wondering if there’s an easier way to deal with all this. Well, I’m thrilled to tell you that there just happens to be an for that.

Pet Pal allows you to track, record and keep information about your pet. In fact, that’s an understatement. There is so much possibility with this app that its impossible to encompass everything in a short review. Let’s briefly run through the features just so you get an idea of what its all about. Right from the start, you’ll have the opportunity to enter you pets. From what it seems like, this can be a virtually unlimited list of pets. Obviously, the space in your home, no matter how big, is still limited so I don’t think you’ll run into problems there. For each pet there ample amounts of fields that cover just about everything you need to know about them. You will enter the name of the pet, gender, birthday, vet, weight, breeder, and the list goes on for some time. You have the option to set these manually or you can look up species details from the app database, so that can save some time. Once the pet has been entered, you’ll want to hop on over to habitats and go ahead and enter all the one’s you’ve got. The details for these will also include a similarly long and exhaustive list. I should mention that you have the option of printing each of these “forms” via the built in print feature. Once you’ve got habitats figured out, you can then start entering your records. These include feeding, weight, size, status and vet care. As you’ve guessed, each one of these has many details you can specify like food type, amount and your notes just to name a few for the feeding category. There is also neat little graph that will show your pet growth based on the information you input.

Now, Pet Pal is ideal for anyone who owns high-maintenance pets and its absolutely fantastic app if you have 17 lizards, 6 tarantulas and 23 different kinds of frogs. If you own a dog, its very unlikely that you would want to weigh his or her food, and put them on a scale once a week. Unless of course you’re slightly insane. The point is, Pet Pal is great, but its designed for a very specific purpose that not all pet owners will appreciate. And on that note, I will say that if you are a pet owner who truly cares about you pet’s well being, Pet Pal for iPhone is the app to have. But that’s not enough, you hace to use it as well.

Check out Pet Pal for iPhone on the App Store!

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