One of the most important aspects of a well constructed game, in my opinion, is the story. A game without a story is like a movie without a plot. Its possible, but more boring then watching ice melt. The second is graphics. A game that’s got both of those mastered is a real winner, and today, we’ve got one – Retrobot for iPhone.

When you start playing Retrobot, the first thing you’ll notice is that the graphics almost pop out of the screen. They are phenomenal and certainly make the game a pleasure to look at. Once you get over how good the graphics are, you’ll notice that the story cut scenes before and during gameplay is even more impressive then the graphics! The cut scenes not only create a plot for the game and explain the reason behind what’s going on but also add a significant layer of quality for the game overall. So what is Retrobot all about? I won’t spoil the story too much but in a nutshell, you play as a robot who is on a mission to recover a lost friend. Accompanying him is a monkey who also plays a role in his quest. Levels consist of tank-shooter style game play, where you move from left to right on the screen in a horizontal fashion and shooting in all direction while the background zooms past you (you’re going somewhere). The goal is to shoot down enemies, collect power-ups and avoid being shot by them. Watch you health, because when it runs out, its game over for you. Make your way through several level and you’ll be at the boss. They can be challenging so watch out. There are 5 worlds in total, with several levels plus a boss for each.

As I’ve already mentioned, Retrobot is absolutely incredible in terms of graphics, gameplay and storyline. Its got everything required for good game, especially on an iPhone. The bottom line is that this game rocks, and you’re going to have to grab it while its still on sale for merely one dollar. Don’t miss your chance because its going back up to $3 after the sale is done. For just one dollar you get your money’s worth and some. I highly encourage you to check out Retrobot for iPhone.

Check out Retrobot for iPhone on the App Store!

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