You’re an iPad owner and a creative guru (or so you think), and sometimes you wish that you can have multiple apps open at the same time in order to facilitate creative ideas without focusing on opening the app switcher and flipping between apps. Now you can do just that with SketchStorm.

SketchStorm is a unique concept I’ve never encountered on the App Store. The majority of the screen is comprised of the sketching portion. Here, you’re free to do what you like with your finger or your stylus. Whatever works best. You have a full color palette at your disposal and full control over brush size. This is minimalistic on purpose to avoid getting caught up in technical abilities and simplify the creative process. This is a brainstorming app, so the less thing distracting you from doing that, the better. Now the fun part. On the left of the screen, you have three sections. Starting from the top left you have the image display section, then the search and finally the map. While sketching, you can simultaneously search for images via the menu at the bottom, tap on an image that inspires you and it will be placed in this top left section of the screen. While you sketch, you have the image for reference if you need it. This is very handy. Just as easily you can use the search section to search good for anything. Its essentially a mini browser that you can also use for reference as you sketch. Now, the map. This can be useful for virtually infinite number of reasons. The result is a screen with four neatly divided sections to help you brainstorm the craziest of ideas.

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All in all, its great. Although there are minor graphical details that can use some improvement, overall the idea and presentation of the app more or less trumps everything else. What you have here is a one of a kind brainstorming app that takes multitasking on the iPad to a whole new level. Granted, its not the best looking, but then again, its not meant to be. Its supposed to be productive, and that, it very much is.

Check out SketchStorm for iPad on the App Store!

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