You love snake. In fact, playing snake back in the day used to be your favorite pastime, and now you only wish that there was a decent snake alternative for your iPhone or iPad. If that describes you, then you’re in luck because Snake Returns.

Snake Returns. It does indeed return and its also called Snake Returns, so lets try to avoid some confusion. To briefly summarize Snake Returns, all I have to say is that its exactly what you think, classic snake with a modern face. Snake Returns offers the classic snake game mode and also a new eat mode where you have to keep collecting the “eggs” or “points”. I personally prefer the classic snake. There are also several in-app purchases available, one of which I had the pleasure of reviewing and thats the Design Package. With this purchase you receive a whole new look for your snake, the background, “eggs”, and everything that you see on the game screen. Not only that, but there are several looks to choose from, including the classic brick snake that you know and love. And as if that wasn’t enough, you also have three options for controls, tap, swipe and tilt. Tap and swipe are almost the same except tap will respond to any tap and simply turn the snake in the direction of the tap where the swipe will direct the snake in the direction of the swipe, regardless of where the swipe takes place. There’s also tilt, which uses the accelerometer. I find it extremely difficult to user accurately but I suppose if you want to be adventurous, the option is there.

Overall, Snake Returns is a fantastic way to bring back the retro snake. My personal favourite setup is the retro style coupled with tap controls. I find that this way you get the best of both the looks and controls. For anyone who likes to play a little snake here and there, Snake Returns is a must especially considering that it is available for free, although a paid version and an ad-free in-app purchase in the free version is available.

Check out Snake Returns for iOS on the App Store!

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