Space Aliens - App ReviewIf you have kids you know how important it is for a child to develop early in life. Space Aliens for iPhone and iPad helps parents with teaching their children the alphabet and number sequencing.

Space Aliens takes a fun approach to teaching early childhood and kindergarten kids the order of letters in the alphabet and order of numbers. It offers 4 varieties of exercises: numbers, uppercase letter, lowercase letters and a mix of all. The goal is to guide each friendly space aline back to their home planet by matching the rocket ship with the correct letter that each alien is holding. The alien creates are very nice and friendly looking and are actually quite amusing. In addition each correct as well as incorrect action has a variety of kids voices to encourage your child to to keep on trying. At the end of each level, the child is rewarded with a sticker that he can place on his planet. By collecting more and more stickers every kid will be motivated to fill his or her planet with more stickers and therefore keep on learning.

Space Aliens is a wonderful concept for kids, however, there is just down side. For all the iPhone 4 users out there, the app currently does not support Retina display graphics so images appear somewhat pixelated and not as crisp. For some this will be irrelevant as kids may not even see the difference but we hope to see high res graphics in the future updates to really fine tune a great kids application.

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