If you like Sudoku and are looking to take another spin on the game while still maintaining the need for some brain power, then SudokuPDQ will fill that void.

SudokuPDQ an extremely fast-paced sudoku environment. Didn’t think that was coming, did you? No more lying around, relaxing, playing sudoku. No. This is a seriously fast-game that requires your utmost attention in order to win. The principal is simple. Get the highest score out of all the players in the game, and you win. Here’s how it works. Each game consists of 5 rounds. Each round consists of 1 number to guess. That’s right. Just one number. You have 20 seconds to find a number that fits. If you get it right, your left over time becomes your score. If you get it wrong, your score for that round is 0. At the end of the 5 rounds, the score is totalled and the player with the highest score wins. Also, each game requires financial input. Not real money, just in-game cash. At the end of the game, the winner takes all. Which bring me to the next point. The players. There can as little as two. Or as many as twelve. The game is very fast-paced, very intense and can become extremely competitive if played with people in the same room. But it doesn’t have to be with the people you, feel free on play with anyone who is online. Just join any game you like and start playing!

SudokuPDQ is a very unique take on Sudoku, which I must say, I enjoyed very much. I don’t mind conventional Sudoku once in a while, so a new spin on it was really exciting to witness. If you’re a Sudoku player or would just like to try Sudoku for the first time, SudokuPDQ is a great alternative for anyone. It is a ton of fun and always has the practice option available if you’re feeling 100% on your skills. After the practice, feel free to hit the game room and win some fake money! Or loose some, depends on how you’re feeling that day.

Check out SudokuPDQ for iPad on the App Store!

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