You want to be rich right? Well, you’re not the only one. So to help people get off their bottoms and actually put their finite time to some good use, comes an app for the iPhone called The Million.

The Million is a very interesting concept. Normally, you would go about your day, by waking up in the morning, driving to work, probably complaining about something along the way, then coming home, eating some food, watching tv, going to sleep and then repeating the dreadful process over again the next day. But did you stop yourself along your ever so exciting journey to work and ask yourself, “How much is one second of my time worth?”. Perhaps you did. And it wasn’t that interesting. But The Million for iPhone will really put it into perspective for you. Simply enter your yearly salary and watch the counter in real time as it accumulates that amount milliseconds at a time. You can actually see the money building up right in front of your eyes! So? Whats so special about that, someone might say. To be honest, the real deal comes from you, not the app. The Million will simply help you understand that your time can be worth more and solely a motivation for YOU to do something. Unfortunately, you’re not going to become a millionaire just by downloading the app. But what the app will help you understand and accomplish can be worth even a lot more then the initial million dollars you so desperately want.

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Overall, The Million is a must have for everybody. There are too many people who go about their life without realizing that it can be so much more. Perhaps The Million will help even a few, to realize that their time is worth money. Real money. So if you want to upgrade your life a little bit, check out The Million on the App Store and compare your earning potential with famous people, your friends, or hypothetical scenarios and see where The Million takes you.

Check out The Million for iPhone on the App Store!

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