Have you ever wanted to go to Vegas? And finally you get a change to go but have no idea where to start? Or perhaps you do, but you would love to have a mobile companion that will take care of you while you’re there. Worry not because TravelVegas for iPhone is the app you’re looking for.

Vegas can be really confusing for those who never grew up in large cities and just aren’t used to the chaotic atmosphere. Your iPhone likely goes everywhere you do, and if you have TravelVegas, it will go to Vegas with you. While you’re there, TravelVegas can help you spot deals on local attraction, free shots, and many more crazy deals that are very much reminiscent of Groupon, except only for the Vegas strip. But thats not all TravelVegas has to offer. The app if fully capable of guiding you to hotels, which you can browse by rating, get directions, visit the website or even give a quick call and add to favourites. You can just as easily browse shows, nightlife, tours, various transportation and more. And if thats not enough for you, the app even offers a built in weather indicator in the top right corner that will always inform you of what mother nature has planned for the day. Not that you really need it because its always 95 degrees and sunny.

Overall, TravelVegas is an awesome app. Even if you’re not in Vegas and you feel like daydreaming, TravelVegas can make you feel like you’re practically there. I personally love apps that take the time to present themselves professionally and make an effort to look good. TravelVegas is no exception. The interface is flawless, easy to navigate and most importantly pleasant to look at. This app is absolutely a must have if you’re going to be visiting Las Vegas any time soon. Its free so definitely check it out.

Check out TravelVegas for iPhone on the App Store!

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