With the iPad becoming so ubiquitous in business, many apps are available to make presentations and brainstorming paper-free and very straightforward. Let take a look at WhiteBoard Mojo and see how performs in this sense.

WhiteBoard Mojo was featured in the New section on the App Store and sells for a whopping ten dollars. So what exactly does it do? Well, if you’re familiar with Penultimate or Sketchbook, then you’ll know how useful it can be to sketch out a brainstorming session, draw a little reminder or perhaps write a quick note. The same idea applies to WhiteBoard Mojo, however, it aims to make those tasks easier as well. Not only does it have the ability to draw anything you like, but it offers tools like the straight-line tool that helps you make arrows in a matter of seconds. Maybe you’d like to whip up a simple bar chart. The line tool will take care of that without a problem. WhiteBoard Mojo also offers (what seem to be) vector presets for bar charts, graphs, and other useful objects. You can also use the text tool to type some text. Once you’re finished editing and creating your project, sharing it is even easier with Facebook, Twitter or Email.

This all sounds good, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t actually work as you’d expect. At first glance, everything seems okay but then you’ll run into several very obvious bugs that should have been fixed prior to App Store release. When you tap the [+] button to add a new file, if you tap it again, another window will open on top of the previous one and they will infinitely stack. To get back to the original screen, you’ll have close all of the window you’ve opened. Same is true for the [delete] button as well. When drawing, you’ll notice that the pencil randomly stops drawing even through your finger is firmly planted into the screen. Same is true for any shapes and lines that you will drag on the screen. It simply is unpredictable and does not follow any concrete logic. In fact, the overall experience feel really glitchy and unrefined. For a $10 app I expect perfection and nothing less. WhiteBoard Mojo doesn’t quite deliver that. Hopefully the major bugs in functionality will be fixed with upcoming update because the idea and concept is certainly a good one. Its the implementation that can use a little improvement.

Check out WhiteBoard Mojo for iPad on the App Store!

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