Word Boxer is a word puzzle game that is played socially, with other people, over a network. In fact, its very easy to play, and is way more fun then any other word puzzle out there.

You’ll begin Word Boxer by opening a free account which will allow you to play with your friends or just random matches with any current players. The great thing about Word Boxer is that you don’t even have to play in real time. If you’re familiar with turn-by-turn gameplay in Draw Something, then you’ll how Word Boxer does it, because its exactly the same! Once you make your move, you dont have to stick around and wait for the other play to play. A better option would be to leave the game and proceed with your regular task or challenge other players while you wait. Once your opponent has made their move, you will receive a convenient notification informing you that its your turn and you can now make your word. Pretty cool, isn’t it? The gameplay itself is very interesting as well. Instead of scoring up as you would expect, your score actually lowers your opponents score until they get “knocked out” as in boxing. Along the way, you’ll discover special tiles, with which you’ll be able to play defensively and increase your score instead of lowering your opponents. But play as you wish because the strategy part is entirely in your hands.The actual task of putting words together is also simple. Just tap the letters one at a time, you can tap any letter around the last selected letter as long as they are touching. I like this, because that means you can go diagonally and create weird patterns to get the most out of your score.

Overall, Word Boxer is well designed, has an easy-to-understand layout and most of all, is a blast to play. If you’re looking for a challenge, love puzzle games, or simply want to enjoy one of the better titles on the App Store then you should definitely check out Word Boxer while its still in its introductory phases because if you miss it, you miss it.

Check out Word Boxer for iPhone on the App Store!

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