X-Ball is a fun adventure game, available for both the iPhone and iPad as a universal app. You begin your journey as a round ball that you control by tapping and dragging the power meter. The power percentage and angle are conveniently displayed on the screen and allow you to adjust the angle and power of your ball accordingly if you messed up the first few times. The objective of the game is relatively straight forward – collect all the stars and reach the finish where the teleporter will assist you to the next level. On the way you will encounter ice block, spiked enemies and other exciting obstacles that you must defeat in order to advance. To help you on your journey, a variety of power-ups are made available in the top left corner of the screen. These include glue, stopwatches, bombs and many more that are sometimes even essential to pass a level. The faster you reach the teleporter while collecting all the stars, the more points you’ll have at the end of the level.

X-Ball is exciting. The graphics are quite good as well and really add life to the game. There are tons of levels that will keep you busy for some time. They can be challenging but at the same time easy to beat so you’ll never be stuck somewhere wondering if you’ll ever be able to continue. For anyone that enjoys a nice adventure, X-Ball is a good option that is universally available for both iPhone and iPad.

Check out X-Ball for iOS on the App Store!

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