Not long ago, we’ve reviewed a paid Yoga app that was the best Yoga app money can buy on your iPhone. Well now, you can get the same great app with a slight feature cut for the price of absolutely free.

Yoga Free is more-or-less the same application as the All-in Yoga, we reviewed a little while ago. You can find the review here. Its got the same great setup for exploring various Yoga poses with descriptions and pose photos. You’re not going to get the full experience but its enough to get you through the poses or serve as a great reference for seasoned Yoga amateurs. Its got an impressive 250 pose collection, divided by difficulty level that you can browse through. If you decided to go with a program setup, you will find that your options are limited, unlike the paid version, but you do have the option of making your own program from the 250 pose database that is available to you.

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In a nut shell, Yoga free is a great starter app for anyone into Yoga, but if you find yourself using this app frequently, then I would highly recommend that you upgrade to the full version with nicer graphics, more programs to choose from, video demonstrations of poses and many features that really bring the app to life and help you enjoy a better and safer Yoga experience. However, the free version is still a great test drive and if you’re unsure about the extent of your commitment to Yoga, the free version might be the better route at the moment.

Check out Yoga free for iPhone on the App Store!

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