There are plenty of games out there that will try to mimic the well known concept of Angry Birds, and fail miserably. Yumby Toss, however, put an entirely new spin on the concept that is welcoming and quite enjoyable to say the least.

The little Yumbys were hanging out one day, when all of a sudden an angry Colonel came around and stole their cake. Now its your job to quite literally throw the little guys into walls, obstacles, and other nuisances in order to get their cakes back. Collect coins along the way to maximize your score and you’ll be well on your way to saving that cake. The gameplay is quite similar to Angry Birds, except instead of pulling back on a bungie or slingshot-type contraption, you’re going to grab one of the Yumbys in particular order and swipe across half the screen to set the trajectory and speed with your swipe intensity and angle. The great thing about Yumby Toss is that you can control and adjust your Yumbys trajectory as they fly through the air. Simply use the up and down arrows to either give them a boost up or drop them a notch. You’ll find that as you progress through the level, you’ll require different Yumbys to accomplish different things. Each one of them has a different skill set that can, and even must be applied in specific situations in order to beat the level.

Overall, I found the game to be very professionally designed and illustrated with beautiful, smooth and crystal clear graphics, an easy to use interface and tons of extra information on different Yumbys and their skills. Playing the game is also a smooth experience and its exactly what you would expect from a throwing game such as this. For anyone looking to add an awesome game to their iOS homescreen, Yumby Toss is definitely the next one to check out, especially because its available on the App Store for free!

Check out Yumby Toss for iOS on the App Store!

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  1. Michael Miller says:

    Just downloaded Yumby Toss and love it! Thanks for the recommendation.

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