If you haven’t been hiding in a bat cave for the past several months, then you are probably well aware that there’s really only a few options when it comes to picking out a fully featured smartphone nowadays. Of course, there are thousands of devices of various shapes, colours and sizes but when you narrow the search down to the top few, somewhere among the pile of choices you will find an iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The previous Samsung Galaxy was a solid phone. Despite the severe fragmentation into several different version of the Galaxy S like the Captivate or the Vibrant, Samsung was able to know out a decent phone, with relatively competitive specs at the time. But the tech market never stands still and evolution is necessary to stay competitive. That’s where the Galaxy S2 comes in. It improved on virtually every feature that was available in the Galaxy S and some. Despite being extremely biased against the entire Android platform, I do admit that the Galaxy S2 is a great phone (mind you, it would a million times better if it was running iOS…just kidding. Sort of.) Spec-wise, everything that anyone could possibly want in a phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has, but it still lacks that charismatic feeling in my opinion. With its successor, the S3, well on its way to mass market though, we might have a real winner on our hands. If you live in UK, right now would be the perfect time to grab the Galaxy S2 or the Galaxy S3 on O2. You can’t go wrong with the best Android phone, on one of the better carriers in the UK.

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  1. owen says:

    i like 2 have a gallaxy s3 is the best

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