If you’ve ever played the helicopter game and wondered how cool it would be if you could just shoot the green blocks instead of avoiding them, then this game might just be for you.

Akiko the Hero is an arcade side scroller where you take on the role of Akiko to stab, slice, shoot and squash your opponents as you plow on to the right of the screen. To make your life slightly more challenging, you also have to jump over deadly drops or else you’ll fall to your death. Now, this game is like playing the helicopter game, except entirely different. Yes, I know, that doesn’t really make any sense but if you’ve played the helicopter game, and you play Akiko the Hero, you’re bound to see the connection. It the same sort of intense feeling that you get, wanting to get over just one more obstacle or shoot down one more enemy to get just a little further. By the way, your score is also measured by how far you travel. Sort of see the connection now?

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Anyway, Akiko the Hero keeps the action intense and thats what I like about it. There is not time for slacking, the intensity is always there. And every time you loose, you’re gonna go back and try to beet your previous score. So it also wins on the addictive scale. All in all, the arcade style gameplay and retro music keep you going and going. If you are really bored and have absolutely nothing better to do then play iOS and Android games, then this one is definitely for you.

Check out Akiko the Hero on the App Store and Android Market!

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  1. massimo says:

    Very funny game

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