Beach Whale just hit the App Store shelves and is available as a universal app for both the iPhone and iPad. Lets explore this title a little more and see what you can expect from Beach Whale.

Right from the start you’ll notice that the graphics aren’t anything extraordinary and a little bit below par compared to other simple iOS games. However, the game would be perfect for younger children who don’t necessarily like complex designs and animations and likely won’t even appreciate them, so in my opinion, Beach Whale is more suited for the younger iOS user. Moving on to gameplay and level selection you will notice that initially, only the first level is unlocked and other must be unlocked by playing the game and collecting golden fish, which will allow you to purchase consequent levels. Collecting fish is straightforward, yet not always easy. Gameplay consists of a whale, that you control by rotating your device clockwise or counterclockwise to control the height (or depth in the water) of the whale. Riding or surfing the waves will give you speed and you can also flap your tail by tapping in the bottom left corner of the screen. The tide varies drastically so you have to make sure that you don’t get caught on the sand without any water because that will slow you down and risks an abrupt “game over” message.

There are also various items you can collect like bombs, and bosses that you will have to challenge. All in all, the game has a bunch different elements and even different whales to choose from, but you must unlock them first. Beach Whale may not be as flashy and graphically profound, but it can still be very enjoyable for younger gamers and iOS users out there.

Check out Beach Whale for iOS on the App Store!

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