Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.01.44 AMBingo on mobile devices these days is getting better and better. Today we’re taking a look Bingo Bash™ for Android (also available on iOS).

If you like to indulge in occasional bingo, Bingo Bash™ is your next stop for an immersive bingo experience. You’ll jump right into the game with a quick tutorial to get familiarized with controls and interface. Each card will cost your a preset amount of points, and you’ll have plenty to start with. During the game, the announcer will let you know which numbers come up, and you’ll have access to the complete history in the bottom right corner as you play. Conveniently, the last several numbers will be displayed in a top row so you can quickly check your cards during the game. The card is really easy to dab (and undab), simply tap the corresponding square to mark it off. For me, the distinguishing feature is that the game doesn’t end if you get a bingo. If you have two cards playing and one scores a bingo, the game goes on until it ends or you get another bingo.

Overall, Bingo Bash™ was a great experience. With playful graphics and a really easy-to-use interface, it had virtually no learning curve and jumping right into a game was painless. With its addictive nature, Bingo Bash™ is a great way to kill some time if thats what you’re up for. For any bingo lover I would recommend to check out Bingo Bash™ for Android.

Check out Bingo Bash™ for Android on the Google Play Store!

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