RESOPEToday we’re taking a look at a very good puzzle game, available for all Android devices running 2.2 and up. The idea of the game is quite complicated and it might take you several minutes to get into the flow of things, but don’t worry because it’ll be worth it.

RESOPE! for Android is unlike any other game. I’d say its almost like reverse-Tetris but nothing like it at all. The best way to understand is to just check it out yourself. There’s a very good help at the beginning of the game so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting started, but the basic principal is to rescue like pixelate characters that represent workers stranded in a building that is getting demolished. The only way to rescue them is to bring them safely to the ground. The building is comprised of various blocks made of various materials. To bring your stranded workers to safety, you must burn block beneath them, so they will eventually drop to the ground. Block can be made of wood, metal or other materials that effect how the blocks burn. There are actually 3 different burn patters starting from a single block all the way to major block section. Watch out, because if you start burning a block at the 3rd stage of firepower a little too close to your workers, they will be burned and you’ll fail the level. Firepower defaults to stage 3, which means its hard right from the beginning and you have to choose your blocks wisely. As the game progresses, you’ll see blue circles that let you switch firepower for a turn. You’ll also encounter bombs that take out whole rows of blocks. Metal block don’t burn so they’ll work well in protecting your workers from nearby firepower. It won’t be too long until you’ll have watch your every move to prevent making the wrong one and loosing the game.

Overall, I found RESOPE! to be extremely addicting and relatively well made. The reason I don’t think its top notch is simply because of the pre-game interface. The buttons are a little small and it can be somewhat confusing getting started. Don’t get me wrong, because once you familiarize yourself with how it works, its easy. The gameplay is also very good and the graphics and animations are excellent. Ideally you also want to run this on a relatively new device with decent processing power. On the older Galaxy S its a little choppy, but still very much playable. If you’re into puzzle games and a little bit of challenge is something you desire, then you simply must give RESOPE! a try.

Check RESOPE! for Android on the Google Play Store!

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