Not all that long ago we’ve reviewed Christmasville for iOS and we loved it. With great graphics, comical dialog and overall great gaming experience for kids, Christmasville was definitely a must have. Now it is available for Android and its just as great.

Christmasville takes you on a journey as a private detective named Arthur Knight to rescue Santa Claus and save Christmas. You’ll begin by meeting the Abominable Snowman and being introduced to the tragedy at hand. Your job as the detective is to find missing objects in the game. Christmasville consists of many types of puzzle so you’ll always have to stay on your toes. Puzzles include finding missing objects in the room, where the collection of objects to find is listed in the sidebar, looking for the same objects but this time using the object outline as the hint, rather than the word, and several more. Each task follows the storyline so it is always relevant, which makes looking for Santa much more interesting.

Christmasville has tons of great graphics. Among those graphics is a ton more visual effects and animations that really bring Christmasville to life and make it an entertaining game for just about anyone, young or old. Christmasville is all about getting into the spirit of Christmas and with just 15 days lefts, this couldn’t be a better time to go ahead and give Christmasville a download and report back here to let us know how much you like it. Already have Christmasville? Leave a comment down below and share your experience with Christmasville.

Check out Christmasville for Android on the Google Play Store!

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