Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 7.53.08 PMWith mobile devices dominating our lives, remembering is on one hand much easier because we have tools to assist with storing the information, but on the other hand, so much harder because our brain is out of practice. Today, we’re taking a look the former solution, using Cinntich for Android to help virtually sharpen your memory.

Cinntich is a very simple, yet magical application. It is essentially a simple list maker, but there’s a catch. Each item in the list is tied to specific contact in your address book. The reason for this becomes clear when that contact calls you or vice versa. Cinntich will automatically bring up the latest notes you’ve added for that contact so that you can refresh your memory about the last conversation or maybe a list of things to discuss. Adding notes to Cinntich for this purpose is simple. Just select a contact, tap the plus button to add a new item and type some text. Items can also be checked off as completed and deleted like a regular list maker on mobile devices. These items will come in handy next time you’re on a call with this person.

Cinntich, overall, is a great app. It’s simplicity is a big win. Using the app feels natural with virtually no learning curve. Anyone who picks up Cinntich will know right away how it works, and if not, the app offers a very easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to get started with the app. Cinntich is a great app for those forgetful individual out there or simply for people who want to stay organized and keep conversations as efficient as possible.

Check out Cinntich for Android on the App Store!

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