Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 7.34.06 PMNotes applications are very handy for quickly jotting down ideas, making lists and other daily tasks. Trouble is, with so many different languages spoken all over the world, not all translate so brilliantly into digital keyboards. There are times when handwriting would be so much better. Enter DioNote for Android.

Although multilingual integration is a reason for having handwritten notes, sometimes, it’s what is best for the task. DioNote is an amazing application for Android that lets you compose and manage handwritten as well as typed notes side-by-side. What’s the big deal, you might be wondering. There’s already app that let me draw on my screen and scribble some text. Yes, you would be 100% correct for thinking that but DioNote does it better. Not only does DioNote let you handwrite text, it also lets you edit it just like you would edit printed characters. Don’t like the last word you wrote? Just tap backspace to delete character by character! It’s that easy! Want to include a simple drawn character right after your typed sentence? No problem, DioNote can handle that too. The integration of handwritten and typed text is extraordinarily well done and is just so seamless. You almost don’t even have to think about it. DioNote features other useful tools like color palette, brush customization and more, that will help you personalize every single note with drawings, illustrations and even photos from your photo library.

Overall, DioNote kind of blew my mind. Just the shear ability to handle handwritten text as if it was typed, it just amazing. As if that wasn’t cool enough, DioNote also lets you search your handwritten notes with your handwriting! The app in general feel very refined, crisp and easy to use. The interface is visually appealing and it’s a pleasure to use on a daily basis. If you’re a note taker, someone who like to scribble some notes with your stylus, or just someone who will enjoy a great app, DioNote is definitely the next app to check out for your Android device.

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