There are lots of cool games available for the Android. Of course its not an iPhone, and many are thankful for that, but I doubt they are thankful for a lack of an enormous assortment of games in all kinds of categories. Luckily, a new game joins you on your Android device for free, called Drop The Alien.

The premise of the game is indeed very simple. Just like the title suggests, the idea is to drop an infinitely-hungry purple little alien man who always craves strawberries, bouncing him off obstacles and bubbles to guide him on his journey to satisfy his strawberry cravings. You will do so sliding his initial position, which move horizontally at the very top and tap the drop button. This will inevitably cause the little guy to tumble down and hopefully hit enough objects to bounce and collect the three strawberries in each level. Once the last strawberry is reached, the level will automatically stop and you will be prompted to go on to the next challenging level. Now, when I say challenging, I really do mean this game is quite difficult. By the fourth or fifth level you’ll be wondering if its really possible for the tenth level to be much more difficult. In fact, it can get a little discouraging after spending a significant part of your ten minutes trying to solve the third level. Perhaps we’ll see some easier levels make their way down in the next update? I hope so.

Overall, the game presents itself as a very distant cousin of Cut The Rope. With game play, completely different, the similarities remain between the characters and overall presentation of the menu graphics and such. It isn’t quite as graphics intensive, but then again, it is a free game. So if you’re looking for something new and simple, give Drop the Alien a try and see how you like it.

Check out Drop the Alien for Android on the Android Market!

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