I Need a HeroThe Android platforms offers a very large variety of games but it is somewhat difficult to find a new, real quality game. Fortunately, today we’ll help you get your hands on an awesome, graphically amazing game with extremely addictive properties called I Need a Hero.

I Need a Hero for Android takes you on a journey of a prince who’s job is to find and rescue the princess. While this may sound like an action game, in reality the game is in fact somewhat of a puzzle game reminiscent of Candy Crush for iOS and Android. If you’re not familiar with the concept, the idea is rather simple. There is a grid of multi-colored objects on the screen and you job is to match at least three by swiping up, down and across to form lines. The only restriction is that the lines cannot be diagonal. Once the match is complete, those characters will disappear creating more room at the top for new ones to drop. Within those objects sometimes you will find power-ups and other enhancements that let you progress through the level faster. Each level consists of a duel between your prince and an ogre-like character. As you collect power-ups, you’ll unleash various attacks that will drop the health points of your opponent, and with enough luck you’ll beat the level. In between levels, you’ll often encounter cutscenes explaining the storyline. With amazing graphics and humorous scripts, these cut scenes really add quality content to the game. The sequence of these levels can be viewed on a beautiful map that represents a world. Currently there are two worlds in the game and tons of levels in each. I presume that more levels will be coming in the future updates as well.

That’s more or less I Need a Hero in a nutshell. The real take-away here is that the game is absolutely outstanding and I encourage everyone to at least give this one a go at least once. The game itself runs very smoothly even on older devices such as my dinosaur Samsung Galaxy S. The overall experience with I Need a Hero was great and I can’t wait to see more levels in future version of I Need a Hero for Android.

Check out I Need a Hero for Android on the Google Play Store!
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