Great Slot Machines, as the name suggests, is a slot machine simulator for your Android devices. As a complete gambling non-enthusiast, I can safely say that Great Slot Machines is a relatively safe way to go about your gambling need. This also means you’re not going to win much more then a pat on the back if you do really well.

Great Slot Machines is a virtual slot machine where you aimlessly spin it just like every other slot machine. However, you’ll be filled with happy thoughts knowing that $500 of virtual credit is waiting for you every 24 hours so if you do manage to blow through the initial $500 and something like $500 more in additional bonuses you collect along the way (and you will, very quickly I may add) then you’ll be pleased to know that your bank is topped up with new and shinny $500 every day. This is good news.

During gameplay you also have several perks. You have the option to change your bet for every spin, obviously, but you can also select more then winning line and stack, what seems to be, an absurd amount of winning lines on top of each other. As a result, your minimum bet goes up by default to compensate, but you have much higher chances of winning. At the end of the day, you’ll end up loosing everything anyway, but at least it will help you feel a little better when you win back two or three hundred of the $500 that you spent. There are also various themes that you can unlock simply by playing and leveling up. With every spin, your level climbs. The higher the bet, the faster it climbs. When it reaches a certain point, you’ll unlock a variety of different things.

Overall, Great Slot Machines is kinda fun. If it wasn’t for daily refill, though, it wouldn’t be worth it. The refill really makes a game that you can play everyday. Although not for long, it will keep entertained until you loose all your money.

Check out Great Slot Machines for Android on the Google Play Store!

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