Sometimes it would be nice if your phone could just do things for you. Like manage its own battery power a little better. Or turn off Wifi when you’re not using it. The great news is that is already possible with GreenPower for Android.

GreenPower is power manager for any Android device running 2.1 and up. Essentially what it does, is follow a preconfigured schema (designed by you) in order to turn on and off specific hardware features in order to conserve battery power. This sound a little vague, but essentially what happens is you set some settings that will turn off wifi when the screen turn off, that way its not running in the background or turn on wifi/data in bursts every 15 minutes for 1 minute at a time. The idea is simple, GreenPower will help you save battery life. In my opinion, the most affective battery saver would be the data toggle. If you’re okay receiving notification every 15 minutes (or any time interval you want) then GreenPower has some serious potential to save battery by enabling your data and/or wifi only to receive notification, emails, etc every 15 minutes and then turning it off again. You can configure the details in settings as well. You can also automatically enable all data and wifi if you’re connected to a power source, which is useful when you’re charging your device. There are tons of other features that deal with Bluetooth, Application management, and more that are available for a fee.

Overall, GreenPower has some real value for an Android user and should definitely be the next thing to check out even if you don’t end up upgrading to the premium version. You can still get some serious battery savings with the free version of GreenPower and I highly encourage you to do so if you’re running Android 2.1 and up.

Check out GreenPower for Android on the Google Play Store!

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