The great advantage that Android has over iOS is a lot more freedom. This can be a great downfall as well, however, today we are exploring its advantages with live wallpapers for your Android home screen. Just in time for the Halloween season is Halloween Video Live Wallpaper.

Halloween Video Live Wallpaper is a great app that will deliver several high quality live wallpapers that are actually video, rather animated effects or graphics of any kind. The first question then becomes is whether this video will have an adverse affect on performance and cause device slow downs. You’ll be happy to know that I was running this app on the by-now-dinosaur Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, which naturally runs extremely slow, and Halloween Video Live Wallpaper performed flawlessly. Not only did it not cause any slow downs, it gave me the illusion that the device was actually a little faster because of the high animation frame rate. This is most likely not the case in reality, but it does prove that live wallpapers don’t have to take a heavy toll on your mobile processing power.

When you launch the menu for Halloween Video Live Wallpaper, you’ll notice that you have the option of downloading additional wallpapers free of charge. My personal favourite I think will have to be the spider walking across the screen. The video is smooth and its hardly irritating, unless you really can’t handle looking at big tarantulas. Overall, Halloween Video Live Wallpaper is a great deal considering that its free and will have you prepped for Halloween. Go ahead and take it for a spin on your Android device.

Check out Halloween Video Live Wallpaper for Android on the Google Play Store!

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