SurveyToGoIf you need to conduct some field survey’s and you’re look a viable solution, you should definitely check out SurveyToGo for Android. It will help you deploy your surveys to mobile devices and enhance your productivity.

First off, SurveyToGo has tons of features and functions but you’re likely not going to find much about them in the mobile app. The best solution would be to go to their website and familiarize yourself with what SurveyToGo offers, create an account and then explore the Android application. In fact, its kind of necessary as the first screen will prompt for a login and there’s no way around it. SurveyToGo offers features like branching, skipping, looping, validation, piping, randomizing questions and answers as well as tools that will help you create the right surveys for your needs. Besides the Android app, there is actually a desktop version that is designed to be the “master” application with Android as as helpers for collecting that data itself. While the desktop app may be feature-full, using SurveyToGo to on the Android is a somewhat complex procedure for the average Joe. You will first need a server to host your content, then you need to create the surveys, upload them to server, synchronize with your devices and only then proceed with data collection. Yes, its not actually that complicated but it took me a while to even learn about it so its not exactly user-friendly. Once you get the ball rolling, however, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

All in all, SurveyToGo offers tons of features, too many to simply list in this review. The quick summary in a nutshell is that if you’re looking to collect data, check out the desktop version, create some surveys and then use the Android clients to collect data for your surveys. Make sure to check out both the Android and the desktop versions.

Check out SurveyToGo for Android on Google Play!
Check out SurveyToGo on the Desktop here!

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