MinoxRemember Pokemon? It used to be a big deal. Way more popular than it is now. Why no bring back some of those old memories with an arcade game based on the Pokemon experience called Minox.

While Minox is not, by any means, Pokemon or at all related in any way, it is still a cool little game you can grab for free on your Android device and start playing right away. You goal like in every game is to achieve something. In Minox, you want to reach level 100 as a Minox trainer. The little Minox creates can be captured, trained and battled against each other (remind you of Pokemon?). You’ll start off with 5 cities to journey through, and a whopping 100 levels for your Minox to grow. While the ideology of the game might be very similar to Pokemon, the way its played is entirely different. You interact with your characters in almost a side-scroller-like fashion by using the on-screen controls.

Overall, I found the game to be somewhat decent. The graphics are a bit plain and some of the buttons are a bit small, but you do get an arcade feel from the game, which I believe is the whole point. If you’re looking for a cool game to reminisce your child-hood Pokemon memories entirely free, then Minox for Android is definitely something for you to check out.

Check out Minox for Android on the Google Play Store!

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