Reviewing apps is what we do here That means that we see many apps make the migration from iOS to Android, and as a result we get to see what affects this has one various functionality. One of such examples is PrintJinni. We aren’t entirely sure if the iOS came first or not, but we can certainly see the differences between the two platforms.

PrintJinni is your printing buddy on your Android device. Whenever you need something printed, just pop in to PrintJinni and you should be good to go. The main feature that I personally find the most useful is the Paste Board. Just copy any content you wish, jump into PrintJinni, tap Paste Board and you’re ready to drop whatever you copied earlier and print it. Its very easy to use and quite effective for smaller printing tasks that are about or less then one page in length. Anything longer, and you will likely dislike the copying process. You can also use PrintJinni to browse Picasa, Flickr and Google+ accounts for photos to print. For some strange reason, Facebook did not make it to this list, and that’s quite a downfall in my opinion. The last option that you have is to setup Google Cloud Print account, which is technically still in beta.

Overall, after reviewing the iOS version, PrintJinni for Android feels really empty and featureless. Many great features from iOS never made it, and that’s too bad. The general trend that we notice is that Android apps tend to be worse and iOS apps. Having seen the best of both worlds I would have to agree with that trend, especially in the case of PrintJinni for Android.

Check out PrintJinni for Android on the Google Play Store!

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