Business apps are difficult to get right. Aspiring entrepreneurs of today want more than just an app. They want something that combines all the knowledge and expertise of an established businessman, with top-quality content and information that no-on else has. So, where can you find all of that in a free download? Luckily, Reuben Singh has created the latest addition to the market that does just that.

The app, Reuben Singh for Android, is focused on providing guidance, advice and wisdom that Singh has accumulated throughout his 20 years of living life in the fast lane. In 1995 when he was just 19, Singh launched his first business in the retail industry. He was one of the first shops to sell both girl’s accessories and make-up in the same place, so by 1999 when he sold the business, it was a nation-wide chain.

Since then, he’s been through highs and lows that he wants to share with other aspiring entrepreneurs, or business people that still want to learn from other people’s mistakes. He founded alldayPA in 1999, and the UK-based, professional telephone answering and customer handling service is still thriving, with over 23,000 UK businesses as customers.

His two decades’ worth of knowledge is the main reason you should download this app, but the other reason is how easy it is to use. I think the best feature of its functionality has to be the fact that information is delivered to the user in easy-to-digest chunks. Whether it’s a blog post or an exert from his biography pages, they are simple to understand, the pages are easy to navigate, and it has a very simplistic and clean design.

imageWhen you download this app, you’ll have access to four main features. The first is his biography, cataloguing every element of his business journey to date. What I love about this section is how honest he is about everything; he’s a total straight-talker, and cares about giving people the true story behind his bad decisions just as much as the good.

The second element is his charity work. Singh believes very strongly in the “charity begins at home” mantra, and thinks that the business community should give back to their local communities. He’s been involved with tonnes of charitable projects over the years, but likes to focus his efforts on causes that are close to his heart and community.

The third element is based on his new scholarship programme, that helps to support young entrepreneurs by funding their university fees. If you want to find out what you need to qualify, then head over to the app and take a look! You’ll also find his bite-size blogs there too, packed with his thoughts on the industry as well as updates on his own projects.

Overall I think that this app is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of business, what it takes to succeed and what to do when you fail. What sets this app apart from the rest though is that he understands the younger market and their on-the-go lifestyle, so everything is about usability.

You can check out the Reuben Singh App for Android on Google Store right now!

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