If you like to be scared or if you have little kids who enjoy some scary noises once in a while, ScareCauldron is the app to check out for free.

ScareCauldron makes it fun and easy to mix scary noises together in a big, green, spinning cauldron. A few haunted hands, depending on your preferences, help you drop scare noises into the cauldron. As the scare meter on your right reaches the max, noises are released either one by one, or more depending on what preferences you set in settings. The app will also run in the background so you can scare family members and friends by launching it without their knowledge. Overall, ScareCauldron is pretty cool when it comes to Halloween fun games, if you’ve got kids, this is definitely a must have especially considering that its free and will keep you kids entertained or frightened for at least a little while.

Check out ScareCauldron for Android on the Google Play Store!

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