Social SlotsCasino games on mobile devices these days just get better and better. Today we are taking a look at Slots Social Casino available for Android devices running 2.3.3 and up.

Slots Social Casino is a well made slots simulator made to look, feel and play like the real slots in the casinos of North America. When you first jump into the game, you’ll notice the massive variety of slots variations and themes. Although all of them can be unlocked, you do have to start from the beginning and level up in order to unlock all of them in order. But don’t worry, levelling up doesn’t take all that long, and with every spin you will gain experience points that will go towards increasing your level. Just like at the casino you can set your bet and tap the spin button to give it a go. You can also enable the auto-spin option that can be useful if you want to just leave your phone alone and let it do all the spinning for you. Just make sure you’re there to witness your winnings.

Overall, Slots Social Casino is very straight-forward and quite simple to operate. If you’ve played slots before, its exactly what you would expect with not much of a surprise. The graphics are well put together and there are different sharing options that will keep you virtual gamling social. Slots Social Casino is a complete product with tons of features and decent entertainment factor. If you enjoy casino games, especially slots, then Slots Social Casino is definitely something to check out.

Check out Slots Social Casino for Android on the Google Play Store!

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