Space JunkIf fast-paced, brainless games are your kinda thing, then you’re gonna love Space Junk for Android. It has cool 3D graphics, fast action, and not a whole lot of thinking required to play. Let’s go ahead and see what it all about.

Space Junk is available for your Android device running 2.2+ absolutely free Games for Your Mind. Jumping right into the gameplay is easy, simply tap the play button and you’ll be flying. In Space Junk, it will appear as thought you are flying through a tunnel of debris in space and you must shoot down everything in your path, unless you want to be destroyed that is. Simply tap the big spinning spiky spheres to eliminate them. Sometimes it may take more than one shot depending on what laser you’re using. You’ll have 4 laser colors at your disposal. Red, yellow, green and blue. Some spheres will respond better to certain color and its your job to switch between them fast enough and continue the elimination of the incoming spheres. If you don’t destroy them before they reach your ship, its game over.

Overall, Space Junk is a really simple game to get into and there’s absolutely no learning curve. It’s one of those games that you can just pick up and start playing right away. You can even play quick rounds with no commitment which is great for short periods of boredom. Its a great little game and if you have an Android device and enjoy playing fast-paced games that don’t involve a whole lot of thinking, this is definitely something you should look into.

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