unnamedStaying in touch with friends and family might seem like a trivial task, but with daily work load and our busy schedule it can end up at the very bottom of our priority list and be easily forgotten. Help avoid this with Keeping Touch for Android.

Keeping Touch is very simple in nature but extremely useful in real world application. The idea is rather straightforward – to remind you to call, message or contact the people you care about. These reminders come in the form of notifications and the intervals can be configure to just about everything you might need. The options can be as frequent as everyday to as long as every two months or every year. As you can see, it really depends how often you want to contact the individual or a group of people. In my opinion, this app is most useful for longer cases as its easy to forget to stay in touch with a long-distance friend who you might want to talk to only once a month or so. It would be less useful for everyday cases and more frequent scenarios. All in all, it is great idea to help you stay in touch with the people that matter.

Keeping Touch is overall well made, and relatively straightforward to use. Despite the lack of instructions and help notes, its not impossible to figure out on your own, although it may take a little longer than necessary. A short little how-to guide would be a great feature. Other than that, Keeping Touch was a good experience for me and I would encourage you to check it out if you value people and relationships in your life.

Check out Keeping Touch for Android on the Google Play Store!

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