Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 10.56.03 PMIf you’ve ever done word searches as a kid, or still enjoy them, then having a look at a digital version on your Android device may be of interest to you.

Word Search Gold is an awesome word search app for your Android device. It actually got quite a few features despite it being a simple and straightforward word search puzzle game. As you probably know, a word search revolves around you finding words and highlighting them in a straight line. However, Word Search Gold allows you to customize the word collection that you’re looking for. There are several categories to choose from and there’s even several languages for the multilingual or international users out there. Word Search Gold also features various themes that really add to the look and feel of the word search. Looking at the same background can get tiring so switching it up is really a great thing. There are several extremely good looking themes that you can choose from.

All in all, for a word search, Word Search Gold has tons of features and is really easy to play. The graphics are outstanding and the overall feel is of a complete and polished product. For anyone that enjoy word searches I would highly recommend Word Search Gold for Android.

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