New York, New York – The creators of the Original Padcaster(R) and Padcaster Air are poised to roll out the Padcaster Mini, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, which concluded on March 6th. Last month, The Padcaster launched its latest crusade to raise $15K within thirty days to ramp up user interest in adding the Padcaster Mini to its lineup of iPad production tools. The campaign exceeded its goal by raising over $23K. With R&D complete and manufacturing underway, those interested can now preorder the Padcaster Mini.

“The outpouring of support for the Padcaster Mini has been astonishing,” comments Josh Apter, founder of The Padcaster. “This being our second go at a Kickstarter campaign, we knew it was all or nothing. We’re thrilled that, when people ask us when we will have a Padcaster for the iPad mini, we’ll be able to tell them it’s on its way.”

Fueled by frequent updates – including a hilarious parody of Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” – and positive feedback from the technology community, The Padcaster Mini Kickstarter campaign garnered support from 198 backers who donated anything from $1 to $1,000 to help turn this innovative idea into a real-world product. Because Kickstarter projects are backed by a future community of end users, achieving the goal is like getting rave reviews from your customer base before the product hits the shelves. For the community of creatives whose tablets are transformed into mobile production studios, The Padcaster is a rugged, versatile production tool. “It’s like having Batman’s utility belt for your tablet.” (Technology Tell)

In his post on Technology Tell, tech writer Stanley Goodner continues, “The ease and simplicity of the Padcaster Mini is what makes it extraordinary. This device features an insert that holds the iPad Mini in place, yet lets you pop it out whenever you need to. But when the tablet is in, you’re likely to have it mounted on a tripod (or monopod, if you wish) for steady shooting.”

With the Original Padcaster and Padcaster Air kits already in production and having been funded almost entirely out of pocket, it would have been impossible to continue production while simultaneously researching and developing a Padcaster for the iPad mini. The users have spoken, the goal was met and then exceeded, and the Padcaster Mini is now being manufactured.

MacTrast’s Ian Fuchs comments, “With the huge emphasis on mobile devices replacing expensive, bulky cameras and video rigs, the Padcaster really is carving the way to make the iPad a relevant tool in video production. Paired with an iPad mini, the whole experience gets a little more compact, a little more portable, and just as impressive!”

Christina Bonnington of Wired seems to agree tablet production is the way of the future. In an article, “How to Turn Your iPad Into the Ultimate Video Rig,” she names The Padcaster as a great device that “will give you a more stable way to shoot video.” She continues, “While we still don’t condone using your iPad to record video at concerts, we do think the tablet is, in general, a great tool for shooting, editing, and sharing videos. The larger screens, the plethora of apps, and the built-in cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity make iPads ideal for seasoned videographers and newbies alike. But ultimately, tapping into the tablet’s true video-shooting potential means using the right combination of tricks, apps, and hardware.”

For those who insist on using an iPad to shoot concerts, the Padcaster Mini will, at the very least, provide a smaller, less obtrusive form factor, allowing others to enjoy the performance.

The Future is Mini
Dubbed “a must have” by CNET with an outstanding 4.5-star review and featured in Apple’s gorgeous new iPad Air “Your Verse” campaign, the Padcaster inspires innovative workflows while transforming enthusiasts into artists. Based on the same design as the Original Padcaster, The Padcaster Mini features a sturdy aluminum frame with a flexible insert, optimized for the iPad mini. Offering the same impressive 1080p HD video recording capabilities as the iPad Air in a smaller, lighter and more compact package, the iPad mini is the perfect Padcaster companion, making The Padcaster Mini a natural evolution in Padcaster production.

In Other News…
The Padcaster is proud to announce The Padcaster 2.0, the latest version of the iPad filmmaking case optimally built for the newest iPad generations, has been named a finalist in the StudioDaily Prime Awards in the Production Tools Category. Finalists will be recognized at this year’s NAB Show, where The Padcaster got its start two years ago. StudioDaily will also be announcing the Prime Awards winners and Best of Show categories on the show floor.

Pricing and Availability:
The Padcaster Mini is $99.00 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Padcaster website.

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Headquartered in New York’s Flatiron District, The Padcaster LLC is an innovative startup aimed at developing tools for filmmakers and videographers of all stages of development and skill levels. Established in 2012, its flagship title product, the Padcaster, is a multifunctional iPad case that takes users from passive consumer to creative filmmaker. The Padcaster was made by and for videographers to fit the needs of just about any filmmaker working with the ever-expanding set of production tools and technology.
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