New York, New York – Apalon, an experienced mobile app development company takes pride in announcing the exceptional success its flagship applications have been showing. Pimp Your Screen, Weather Live and Pimp Your Sound hit the top in 3 major categories of the biggest and most popular consumer iOS app contest – Best App Ever Awards!

Since Pimp Your Screen launch on the App Store, it quickly became the #1 customization tool and peaked at TOP25 overall charts in many countries all over the world. With massive volume of quality and exclusive content along with constant updates, the app got the highest marks from the users of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and readers of 148Apps for the second consecutive year. The app made it as the “Best Wallpaper App” to the annual list of the best apps and got top scores from the ever increasing Pimp Your Screen user community.

Weather Live, the most beautiful weather app, has also reached the finals in the Best App Ever competition and has been voted as the “Best Weather App”. The success rests on the compelling reasons – being repeatedly featured by Apple on the front page of many App Stores worldwide, the #1 weather app in the US and many other countries constantly gets massive praise from thousands of users worldwide!

Pimp Your Sound also came in first place for the “Best Ringtone App”, earning honorable votes from the users. Featuring an exclusive ringtone collection with endless sound customization possibilities, the universal Pimp Your Sound app rocketed up to the top of the ever-growing list, going through the competition with dizzying number of contestants.

“We took on some tough competition, and it’s very motivating for us! We are extremely proud to have made it to the Best App Ever Awards and also be re-featured with Pimp Your Screen yet another time! On behalf of everyone at Apalon, we would like to thank our users for voting. We’re grateful for your support and trust in our apps! All of our fans have helped us to push it and gain the titles in not just one, but 3 categories! A big thanks to for the contest, it’s a true representation of how much users aspire to recognize and get their favorite apps to the top,” commented Peter Melnikov, VP of Apalon.

The Best App Ever Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the mobile apps industry. Receiving record number of over 5 million votes from the public in the five weeks of voting, the 148apps awards gathered the favorite apps of real users and became the largest of its kind this year.

Jeff Scott, Editor and Founder of 148Apps Network stated, “Now that the 5th annual Best App Ever Awards have wrapped up, we can look back on the amazing response we got this year. With over 5 million votes this year, we can see that people love apps and love to support their favorites. Apalon grabbing the top spot in three categories shows how effective cross-app marketing can really build a devoted community of app users.”

About 148Apps:
The mission of 148Apps is getting the word out about the very best in iOS and other mobile applications through editorial reviews and news. In addition to editorial, 148Apps keeps track of what’s currently popular, new, trends, and app price changes in the iTunes App Store. In January 2009, 148Apps sponsored the Best App Ever Awards, the first achievement awards created specifically to honor application development.

Best App Ever Awards
Pimp Your Screen
Weather Live
Pimp Your Sound

Apalon was founded in 2006 by team of seasoned professionals in web and game development field. With introduction of iPhone and emergence of App Store in 2008 the company ventured into development of applications for iOS platform. Ever since inception, delivering unrivalled user experience coupled with rich functionality of the products was the utmost objective for the team. Upon launch of Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Samsung Apps, Apalon stepped into the new markets with the same commitment to deliver top notch products. The company keeps creating new exciting app concepts with goal of complimenting its already impressive portfolio. Copyright (C) 2013 Apalon. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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