London, United Kingdom – OnDemandWorld is proud to announce that its PinyinTutor apps, which focus on Chinese language and pronunciation for English speakers, have hit the 500,000 users milestone.

Social tools are a huge part of the future for these apps. However, despite their popularity, Terence Lau, the producer, says the social aspect is nothing new. “Learning has always been a social experience. All we’ve done is create a set of apps that helps students scale up on what they already do: chat, connect, test each other and learn as a group.”

Available on iTunes, the OnDemandWorld’s suite of Chinese education apps includes everything that a beginner needs to get started in learning the language. The apps cover pronunciation (Pinyin Chart), general vocabulary (Vocab List Basic, Vocab List Intermediate and Vocab List Advanced), HSK exam (ranging from HSK Level 1 to HSK Level 6), character lists (Character List 5,000 and Character List 10,000), and Chinese learning flashcards (Vocab Flashcards Basic). And for those who are interested in focusing on practical knowledge, the unique Chinese food menu app guide provides vocabulary for anyone travelling to China and interested in native cuisine.

According to Andrew Miles, “Our collection of top-rated related apps is the best way to get started with the Chinese language quickly and easily. They include the Pinyin Chart for learning pronunciation and the most comprehensive list of vocabulary of any app for the iPhone and iPad, with audio files recorded by native Chinese speakers.”

Whether you are just beginning to learn Chinese and need a simple vocabulary list and pronunciation guide or you are preparing for an HSK exam, these focused, easy-to-use apps will help students attain their desired level of proficiency.

Simple doesn’t mean basic, however. Key features include a study mode where you can highlight words and test your memory; a social settings where you can easily share progress with friends and classmates on Facebook or Twitter; and an attractive, user-friendly interface.

“The 500,000 user milestone is an important indicator of our commitment to creating the best possible software for those learning Chinese as a foreign language,” says Miles.

The following are the suite of Chinese education apps by OnDemandWorld, and are available on the App Store:

* Pinyin Chart
* Vocab List (levels Basic to Advanced)
* HSK Vocab List (levels 1 to 6)
* HSK Flashcards (levels 1 to 6)
* Chinese Food Restaurant Menu
* Vocab Flashcards (levels Basic to Advanced)
* PROnounce
* Advanced Chinese Speaking
* YCT Vocab List (levels 1 to 4)
* Essential Chinese Phrasebook
* BCT Business Chinese Test Vocab List
* Chinese Corner

The apps are available for free, each with a specialist focus that relates to the students study goals.


OnDemandWorld, an independent, privately-held, profitable web and mobile platform development company based in London, UK, was formed in 2008. Its goal is to deliver applications that are both elegant and useful. If you would like further information on Chinese-English Dictionary or OnDemandWorld, or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact us. Copyright (C) 2013 OnDemandWorld. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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